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Tractor Hands/Loving Heart

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iBook 600, 10.1, soon to have 384 ram and Jag.

Her hubby can fix anything , with a hammer, 3 in 1 oil,  sledge hammer when needed.....tree farmer.

She came to the office yesterday with a dead iBook, wouldn't start, PANIC.  He had been using it the night before for email (one!).  Found the mouse pad "stuck".  Too much pressure?

Would love to find a mouse for them, preferably two button and scroll.  Needs to be large enough for his tractor hands, and he says "I don't want to break her computer!  Get whatever will do the job."


Microsoft optical mice are great. Yes, M$ does do something well! I have several of them - Intellimouse Explorer Optical, Intellimouse Explorer 2.0 (wireless) and the very simple (2 buttons & scroll wheel) Optical Wheel Mouse

At $9, you can't go wrong.

M$ mice have the nicest scroll wheels, IMHO. No "ratchety" feeling to them - they're nice and smooth. The wireless one is very nice - and quite big. Also about $40 more than the basic Optical Wheel mouse.

I second the MS Mouse.

Solid as a brick. More so than the simple MS Optical.

And I think wireless wouldn't really be needed for "Tractor Hands".


What a deal! Nine bucks for a scroll mouse! B)

One is on the way to Bruce's house!

...thanks for the tip, Paddy!

I second the motion for the MS mice. My Dad has the two button/scroll mentioned above and I have the 5 button. Both are working well.

I also have a Kensington 5 button optical that works very nicely. I especally like its rubberized grip. Only has drivers for X, though.

Kensington Optical

Good price Older model like I have which does work with OS 8-9 as well as X.


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