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MS IntelliMouse Explorer Optical down to $15

My Microsoft Optical Wheel PS2 & USB just arrived! I had no idea whether I needed to download a driver for it or not. The description of the mouse indicates that it's customizable.

Well, I plugged it and turned on my PowerBook. It works perfectly (I'm right handed) without any extra driver! The buttons and scroll wheel are set up just the way I want!


Okay, I have to edit my last post with the following...

After operating the mouse with no driver, I just had to go get it and install it. Now I'm glad I did because it allowed me to customize the scroll wheel to act identically to my WACOM mouse.

When I click the scroll wheel it Double-Clicks. Now, a single mouse click will work for anything I want to do in the Finder that isn't already that way. It's always seemed odd to me that we use a single click for hyper-links and launching anything in the Dock or DragThing. Then a visit to the Finder and you're double clicking.

Not any more!  

I've got the MS Explorer and Optical.

I much prefer the Explorer.

Though the Optical is smaller and lighter and might be handier with a Laptop.

A  mouse is a mistake.

You guys need a Kesington TurboMouse -- which is a BIG trackball with 4 programmable buttons.
I have  used this great piece of hardware  since  the '80's !

I hate mice / mouses


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