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Is it possible to connect to a newsreader using MAIL as one's email application? I called roadrunner's helpline and they referred me to Apple (I referred myself to TS). I'm running Panther and have Safari 1.1 as my main browser with OmniWeb (4.5) and Explorer (5.2.3) for those very few occasions when a page won't load for me. RoadRunner has a news server but it will not connect to POP, .Mac, or Exchange which seem to be the only account options. Thanks for your help/æ

Don't know.

Found this.

And these.

Thanks Kelly. I don't know that any of these will allow me to respond to newsgroups but will check them out. I am hopeful of not having to add another expense to my growing list of computer must-haves.
All the best/æ

OSXnews   is  a really fine  Newsreader       freeware       User-friendly     Great Tech-Support      -->  

"OSXnews is a small fast open source Usenet news reader for Mac OSX written entirely from scratch in Objective C and Cocoa. "

"Because there aren't any good free NNTP clients for OSX. There are a few good ones in carbon but I didn't like the interface of those much when I tried to use them. In addition, they are also very dated and do not use many of the nice new features availabe in OSX 10.2 and 10.3. I also found a few non free news readers that were supposedly good, however, they cost money. So, I decided to write my own. It is mostly based on what I need and want in a news reader. This site is intended to let others use it. I can't say it isn't buggy since I wrote most of it in about a week but it is reasonably stable and has gotter stabler, richer and faster with each release.
OSXnews uses an interface that is a clone of the interface and should be straight forward for people to pick up. In addition, It uses the KHTML rendering engine to display messages and urls and even files you drag into the window."

N.B.  refrence  to "MAIL" above

Thanks Flash, I'll give it a go.
All the best/æ


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